Through Fire and Pain

To only see the final outcome is many times to reject the arduous path towards it.

“Through Fire and Pain” is a portrait series of the talented and dedicated Ashtanga Yoga Instructor Lucas Carvalho. This project was created with the intent to show how the beauty of yoga exercises goes hand-in-hand with the suffering and pain of reaching higher levels of concentration and control of one’s body. When we decided to do this project, I had in mind that beyond that I wanted to show as much skin, sweat, and muscle contraction as possible because many times people look at Yoga as something easy, a “relaxation exercise”, when in fact the true practice of yoga is aimed to induce a true body and mind transformation that only very few can actually stand. The intricacies of the Yoga philosophy along with the severity of the real practice are for many Hindus (as well as for other people around the world) a bridge of fire and pain to unleash true human potential.