Perito Moreno: Beyond the blue horizon

On the horizon, far from the crowd,  it becomes clear the contrast between the vast blue and the little man.

“Beyond the Blue Horizon” is a series of pictures that attempt to depict the beauty of the Perito Moreno Glacier, in the Argentinian Patagonia. The Glacier was named after the famous explorer Francisco Moreno (“perito” means “expert”), one of the first to officially study the region and is part of the Los Glaciares National Park. Interestingly, Perito Moreno is the only glacier in the region going through a process of expansion (the reasons why are still being discussed). Tourists can visit the glacier by doing kayak tours or by trekking around or over the glacier. Many caves and pristine blue ponds can be seen during the trekking, however, the experience of walking on top of such immense glacier goes way beyond that. During the trekking, it is possible to hear and feel the glacier cracking (depending on which season you visit the location). Moreover, the feeling of being surrounded solely by ice is one of the weirdest sensations I have ever felt, making me feel like visiting another planet. However, if you are going for the long trekking, make sure you have enough physical stamina to stand the long walks with the crampons.