Slowly. Keep on going slowly. There is no need to rush. Whatever falls it can be grow once again. Accept, beleive, and you will make it.

For the mountain is too high to the ones with short time.

It took me 34 hours in a bus to go from Varanasi (in India) to Kathmandu (in Nepal). It was a long and tiresome ride, it took me from the heat of the ground soil to the chill weather of the high mountains, a true transition of worlds. Right away we left Kathmandu (more 12 hours in a bus). One night of rest, and soon after the sunrise, we left by foot again to reach the clouds. The path to Kyanjin Ri peak was an adventure in itself. We passed through the rainforest, waterfalls, drylands, and forgotten cities. We also saw sorrow and destruction when we crossed the old Langtang, the small village at 4000m high (now an open-air cemetery for more than 250 people) that was completely destroyed by a massive landslide created by the 2015 Gorkha earthquake. But we also saw hope and reconstruction when we visited the new Langtang being rebuilt as well as other villages being reconstructed. We saw tourists coming back, monks returning to far away monasteries, and hope in the eyes of the villagers. Nepal taught me about acceptance, faith, hope, strength, and resilience. There, next to the mountains, I grew up once again.