The light is above but not in the sky. The light that comes down is not natural, is not warm, but is light still they say.

Maybe I can’t see it but I can feel it. It’s cold and bright, this peaceful light that little by little drags me to the night.

Montreal is a unique city in Canada. It is a good representation of a multicultural city in North America, embracing different languages and people. Montreal is so exquisite to me that for the first year or so that I lived in here, I wasn’t able to “find” the right images. I would go for long walks with my camera and I would not be able to see anything. The city challenged my eyes. It was as if I was told: “you are not yet ready to photograph me”.

Almost four years have passed now and thus, almost 24 months in winter. Now, only now, I start to see. With my 16mm lens, I now walk around the city and the images appear. I’m becoming part of the city I think. I can finally see. The scenes were always there in front of me, I just needed to learn how to open my eyes again. I just needed to get closer. Bienvenue.