Among the deepest emotions, fear is incubated as a latent memory. In its dream form, it reaches questions that create a permanent sense of loneliness, weakness, and imminent danger. It seems to enjoy the endless chase cycle, preventing the escape and delaying the attack. It is a dark memory in the collective unconscious of every being.

“L’Incube” is a series focused on the symbolic representations of fear. The idea came from my M.Sc. research on human emotions and unconscious processes and led me to relate the feeling of fear with the experience of having nightmares. In ancient mythology, an Incube ( the French word for “Incubus”) is a male demon that sexually abuses women during their sleep (although it can also appear for men). The demon stays on the top of the chest of the victim, creating a sense of suffocation that is classic during the experience of nightmares. Other feelings such as the perception of being followed and hunted by a dangerous creature, as well as the fear of dark environments are usually experienced during nightmares. During the session, we also tried to insert symbols of fragility and purity to interact with the negative and dark elements of fears, an attempt to create the representation of the maculation of the pure and spotless.