Sound. Noise. Silence. More sound. More noise. Silence.

Am I going crazy? What is this that presents itself to me? How can I make sense of this contrast? It is everywhere, in every city I go, in every step I take, everywhere I look at. It’s chaotic. It’s beautiful. It’s challenging.


Fifteen days in India and one of the biggest mental challenges I had in my life so far. I knew that India was going to put me on the spot and that it would defy my mind to the maximum. I’m hypersensitive to sensorial stimulation and this is exactly what you get in India. Still, I was speechless. I would walk for 8 to 10 hours a day, in the hot and humid weather of July, among cars, cows, tuk-tuks, bikes, pedestrians, dogs…and although I was fatigued to the extreme, I would walk. I had to because every step was unique. There was magic in the chaos, there was an image per second. I spent 15 days in internal conflict, with part of me urging me to rest, to stay under the shades, to stay in the hotel; but the other part of me, the one that was present knew that every second of presence would be a moment of personal growth, a moment of realization, of enlightenment. I took public buses, trains, met people, went through beautiful and scary situations, I saw social contrast and generalized extreme poverty as I have never seen before. I saw faith and disbelief, colors and grey, rain and sun, suffering and happiness, despair and hope. I saw India in 15 days. A shock treatment I would say but I thank you for it.