There is a place inside each one of us. There is a spirit inside of each place. A little heaven, made of fire and water.

In this place, each spirit lies down and rest. In this spirit, our heart has a place.

Listen close now. This is it. Just like it was in the beginning.

“In the beginning it was” is a series of pictures made on the Island of Kauai (Hawaii). The photos attempt to display the beauty of a raw and isolated landscape that can be found in those places. Most of the pictures were taken from an aerial view (thank you Jonathan Saunders for the support) and they allowed me to reach parts of the Island of Kauai that can’t be accessed by foot and that hide some of the most magnificent views I have ever seen.

During the spring, the Island of Kauai receives great amounts of rain, creating a spectacle of waterfalls that can reach up to 20+ waterfalls, one next to each other. So many times I felt like going back to a sort of prehistoric era, in which human footprints were yet non-existent. I found myself wondering “how was life back then? What was the feeling of being surround by great animals and exotic plants that have been extinct so long ago?”. Well, no wonder why Steven Spielberg chose Kauai as the set for the original Jurassic Park movie.