Costa Rica

How light my heart feels in the light of the ocean. How light my soul is in the sight of the waves.

It is way more powerful than any noise. It drags me back to the basic, to the essencial. It is life, in its pure form. Pure life.

Costa Rica was an escape route, it wasn’t a photographic expedition. I went to Costa Rica to find my light once again, to recharge in the salty waters of the Pacific Ocean. The country, however, presented me with the gift of openness and peace. I grew up in a small Brazilian fisherman village called Tabuba. Back in the 90’s, the place was a paradise. We knew everyone and everyone knew us. As kids we would go to the dunes, we would surf every day, we would run free by the beach, we would talk to everyone and with a smile, we would engage in conversations. Costa Rica took me back to that period. Costa Rica truly touched me because there, every morning, I would say (and mean it) to anyone “buenos dias”. Costa Rica reminded me that after a certain point, the more we have the farther apart from each other we become. It reminded me that life is in the naturality of random conversations; in the shared smile with a stranger; in cheering for someone else dropping a great wave; it’s is in the openness of living a simple and pure life.